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How KitchenTime got cooking in their warehouse

E-commerce entrepreneurs Joel Falck and Anton Malmberg have had quite a journey since they started KitchenTime in 2013. Discover how they took control of their intralogistics with help from Element Logic.

KitchenTime is one of the leading Nordic groups within products for the home. They offer 70,000 products to more than 250,000 customers in the Nordic countries.

The company had a third-party logistics set-up when they decided to rethink the efficiency of their warehousing. Element Logic got to participate in the processes of automating their new warehouse from scratch.

The new warehouse of 5 000m2 in Eskilstuna now features an AutoStore set up with room for 35 000 bins. Element Logic has also delivered all manual racking for goods not stored in AutoStore. Processes at AutoStore and manual processes are all managed by Element WMS®.

A set-up for future growth

Element Logic`s solutions for automated warehouse operations makes it possible for KithenTime to continue scaling up the business in the years to come. AutoStore with Element WMS® provides a solid set-up for greater long-term capacity, contributing to both scalability and more efficient processes.

In addition to optimizing their warehouse performance, the new automated warehouse system provides the ability to manage seasonal changes peaks.

To manage KitchenTimes new warehouse operations, the following solutions were delivered by Element Logic:

  • AutoStore
  • Element WMS® for managing all intralogistics processes in the warehouse; manual and AutoStore.
  • A grid with room for 35000 bins but filled with 25000
  • 26 robots
  • 7 ports
  • Pallet racking

Johan Hedberg (, the Swedish food blogger is blown away visiting Kitchen Times distribution centre in Eskilstuna.